Saturday, July 18, 2009

A stOry of LUKMANUL HAKIM & his sOn~

is known as a person who always gives advice and benefits through his words. He was a father who always reminds his son with wise advice.

One moment, he asked his son to follow him to go to the market. He rides a donkey while his son walks.
“How dare this old man, let his little son walks while he ride a donkey.” a voice came from a group of people.
“Dear son, did you hear what those people said?” asked Lukmanul Hakim.
“Yes father!” replied his son.
“Now you ride this donkey and let me pull It.” he said while he carries his son on the donkey.

“Did all of you see how could that child is? He let his father to pull that donkey while he is still young, this is unacceptable.” said the other group of people they met along the road.
“Did you hear what they said son?” asked Lukmanul Hakim to his son.
His son nodded.
“Now, why don’t you come down and let us both walks,” said Lukmanul Hakim.

A moment after that, they met the other group of people.
“How dumb they pull that donkey. Donkey is to ride and not to pull,” said them.
“Did you hear that son?” asked him again.
“Yes father”
“In that case let both of us ride this donkey,”

After that, they hear some conversation came from the other group of people.
“How inconsiderate both of them let that little donkey carries them!” they said.
Lukmanul Hakim then asked his son, “Did you hear what they said son?”
“Yes father,” he replied.
“So, let both of us carry this donkey,” said Lukmanul Hakim.
With a lot of effort both of them tied the donkey’s leg. Finally, they did it and carry the donkey.

When all of the people pass by and saw them, all of them laugh at them.
“Ha! Ha! Ha! Hey! Look at those mad people carries that donkey!”
“Did you hear what they said son?” asked Lukmanul again.
“Yes” replied his son. Then, they let the donkey down. He explained to his son what had just happent.

“Son, that’s human nature. No matter what you did, you will never escape from their words. No matter if it’s right or wrong they still talks. Remember son, when you find a right path don’t you change your heart to it because of what people said. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and rely on Allah!”I hope we take this story as a lesson to us. In life, we should have our own stand that we hold tight. Be true to yourself and don’t care what others think of you, it’s you who need to trust yourself and have the guts to move on.

*the moral of the story is that, if you want to achieve something, you have to go through many challenges in your life even tough its just some negative words from others to put you down. Yeah, of course words are more sharper than a sword as it could hurt someone deeply in the heart . But then, take it as a challenge to upgrade yourself to be a better person. InsyaALLAH... You'll achieve better!! ALL the BEST my friends!~