Saturday, June 6, 2009

Learn To Love What You Hate

Assalamualaikum to anyone who are reading this post ... ..

Firstly , this is the first post .. ..
(sounds silly) . ..

I have no idea on what am I going to write . . .After knocking my thoughts for a while I came out with this topic . .

Since most of us just started their second year , I thought this post may be useful more or less . .

Perhaps some of you may say , "why should we love what we hate?" ...

I tell ya why ... It is because the things that you hate could be a good things for you .... Sounds familiar ? ?

Have you ever noticed that "things" that you really hate like _-_- keeps haunting you ?

Have you ever noticed that "things" that you hate really pissed you and there's no way to avoid it ?

Have you ever felt like breaking your skull because of the "things" that you hate ?

To have a clear view , perhaps you may change "things" in the phrases above to anything you like such as subjects , food or whatever you like ..

Please note that I am not talking about any bad stuffs or whatsoever . .

There is only 2 possible outcomes :
  1. Like that "thing"
  2. Suffer from that "thing"

I think , I don't need to elaborate further .. ..

So , how to love "things" that you hate ?

Firstly and this is the most important part .. .
Perhaps some of you may say "It does not make any sense" . I tell ya something . . .This is the problem nowadays . . .You may come across these phrases often :
  • "So difficult , how can I do ? "
  • "So difficult , I better go sleep "
  • "Why so complicated ? I am so lazy to think about it . I'll copy it from my friend tomorrow"
  • "Impossible ! how can we do that complicated project ? "
  • "I see the topic and I know I am dead "
  • "no need to understand that thing , I'll take a long hour to understand it "
  • "How to do it ar? "
Its all about mindset . . Believe me my friend ! research has shown that you have to change your mindset in order to like something , succeed in something and etc (too lazy to type and explain)

By the way , you can add your own steps to love that "things" . I am only concerned about the first step dude! ..

Until then , see ya...
(tired already)

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